Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Starting My Exercise Addiction: Adjusting Focus

As I shared last week on Facebook, I fell off the wagon on the Walk Streak. I was on my 80th day when an illness hit that made it impossible to continue for that day. I decided to take a few days off to recover and then start over at Day 1. As often happens, a few days has turned into a week and half. I'm fessing up that I fell off the wagon and it's time to climb back on.

I planned to restart my streak, but I'm questioning what type of streak to do this time around. Should I try another walk streak? Or should I attempt a run streak like what Runners World is sponsoring right now through July 4th? Or maybe a general "exercise streak" that would allow me to include strength training as part of the streak (since I often run out of time) would be the best choice. Indecision is a wonderful method of procrastination isn't it?

New England is lovely in June and the days are long enough to run in the evenings, so I am choosing to jump on the Runners World bandwagon. I have at least three friends who are participating and I like the camaraderie of a common goal.

Wish me luck, the new streak starts tomorrow - a little late since everyone else started on Memorial Day, but 36 days is better than 0 days.

Are any of you participating in the #RWRunStreak Summer Challenge?


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Starting My Exercise Addiction: May Update

I have some pretty cool news: my #walkstreak has now reached 69 days. I've walked a mile or more for 69 days and I feel really, really good about that. I also managed to stay pretty healthy that whole time, with only one minor cold in over 2 months. For me, that's a huge improvement!

Here's what I'm loving about the Walk Streak so far: 

  • Increased Energy - I'm feeling better overall. I still drink too much coffee and get too little sleep, but at least I don't feel exhausted all day every day. I've finally found an exercise that actually gives me an energy boost rather than the exhaustion I usually experience. 
  • Overall Health - After struggling nearly nonstop all winter with every virus that came through our area, I've managed to stay healthy for 69 days now. I had a minor cold, but it didn't escalate to bronchitis and it was over after a few days. I'm feeling much better. 
  • Body Changes - I've maybe lost an inch or two. I was able to fit into some smaller jeans and though they are still a bit too snug, it's was nice to be able to get them on. I have not lost any real weight. Or rather, I lose and gain the same 4 lbs every other week, so nothing to report there. 

  • Craving Exercise - The key goal: consistent enjoyable exercise. I wanted to crave it like a healthy addiction and I think that's starting to happen.

The downside of the Walk Streak so far is lack of weight loss. I'd hoped weight loss would be an accidental side effect, but no such luck. My always healthy appetite continues to make up for any/all caloric deficits. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed by that, but rather than make me want to quit, it inspires me to keep going. Can I hit 100 days? 200? What about 1 year? I love the idea of challenging myself to be healthy and to keep striving to hit the next goal. 

I did hit my April goal of 60 miles and I'm on track so far to hit another 60 mile month for May. I hope to add in some strength training this month as well.  

Anybody else want to join the walk streak? It's more fun with friends!