Friday, March 28, 2014

Starting My Exercise Addiction: 50 Miles in March

As part of my ongoing quest for consistency over perfection, I set a goal to walk 50 miles in March. I really didn't think it would be difficult, except that I tried and failed to do it in both January and February. I blame the never-ending winter of illnesses for those failed months, but what really changed in March was the start of my walk streak

Today will be Day 28 of the walk streak (or #walkstreak if you want to join me on Facebook and Twitter) and it really has changed the way I think about exercise. I track my daily walks on RunKeeper, an app that I've been using since 2012, but never as successfully as I have been this past month. 

The thing that is different this time is that my goal is not one that is far off in the future - like a future race or losing 10 lbs. The goal for this month was two-fold: 50 miles in March and at least 1 mile each day for my walk streak. 

Tracking my walk streak gives me both daily accountability and a daily reward. 

I love logging my miles each day, it is the psychological equivalent of getting a gold star. The RunKeeper feature of having cumulative goals is encouraging as well. Rather than training for a race, I'm training each day to get 50 miles done for the month. Each day after I log my miles I check my goal's graph to see how far I've come and how much further I have to go. 

Yesterday, on Day 27 of my walk streak, I achieved my goal of 50 miles. I am thrilled. The hardest days weren't the ones where I walked 3, 4, or 5 miles. The hardest days were the 1 mile days, when I used to just not exercise at all. There were several nights where I didn't do my walk and had to do a walking DVD at 10 pm to get it in. Why? Because I'd already gotten to Day #15 or #25 and I didn't want to go back to Day 1 again on my streak. 

Now that I've reached my 50 mile goal for March, I'm starting to think about what my goal will be for April. I've decided to up the ante to 60 miles, which averages to 2 miles per day. I'm sure I'll still have a lot of 1 mile days, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the additional challenge will do for my health. Of course, I plan to continue my walk streak as well, I look forward to Day #61 at the end of April! 

Are you looking to start a consistent exercise habit? I'd love for my readers to join me on my #walkstreak. Leave a comment if you are in! 


  1. How awesome, Sara! Congrats on your achievement!

  2. Yes, in last month I was walked 60 miles and really it is not very tough task and I'm thinking to walk 70 miles in this month also. Its really very good and useful for our health. Thanks dude :)