Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hate Shopping? Get a Stitch Fix!

Back in November, I ordered my first Stitch Fix*. Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service. You fill out a detailed questionnaire (your style profile) about what styles you like and don't like. For someone, like me, who almost never thinks about style, they include lots of pictures to help us along. Then your stylist uses your profile and sends you a box with 5 items. You can make requests and let them know exactly what you need (dress? pants? big date? work clothes? they've got you covered). You can choose to get a box every month or just once in a while when you feel like it. I'd love to get a Fix every month, but definitely can't afford to do so. I'm hoping to order a Fix for each season to keep my wardrobe a little more updated.

For that first fix, it was a mixed bag. I got two items I loved (and kept) and 3 items that I didn't like much and sent back (it's super easy to return what you don't want). Some of the items were too expensive for me. Some didn't fit quite right. One was really NOT my style at all. However, when you check out online, you have the ability to give candid feedback about what you liked and didn't like. I was extremely candid and shared exactly what I disliked (too tight, too expensive, hate the style, etc), this is the key to getting a fantastic second Fix.  

Then about a month after I got my fix, my (expensive for me at $88) pants broke in a non-fixable way. It was frustrating, as I had spent way more than normal and had only worn them a few times! Luckily, the customer service team was all over it. They allowed me to ship them back (with a free return label) and gave me a full refund! That really sold me - when a company stands behind their product and does the right thing, it really makes me trust them enough to buy again.

For my second Fix, my stylist Laura nailed it. I  mentioned that I like loose fitting around my midsection. After having the twins (and even before) it's definitely a problem area for me. My feedback talked a lot about how expensive the items in the first box were. This time? The prices were right in my comfort zone around $50 per item, and if you keep the whole Fix, you get a nice 25% off discount. The styling fee is $20, which I happily pay not to have to wonder around at the mall (something I absolutely hate doing). My total cost for this fix was $188 - including the styling fee and 25% discount for keeping all of the items.

The top left jacket is something I would never buy on my own, but it's such a flattering cut and it's a color (army green) that I rarely would pick up. It's fun to have someone shop for me! The bottom left is a beige drape front cardigan that is, well, perfect for me. I already have one very similar and I'm keeping this one too! The striped top in the middle is actually green, but you can't really tell in my picture. I love the color and the fit is perfect (not too snug!), plus, I love 3/4 length sleeves. Top right: adorable racerback tank with yellow embellishment. This shirt gets me super excited about spring and summer being right around the corner. Bottom right: rhinestone necklace. I almost never buy myself jewelry, so this is a lovely addition to my somewhat outdated accessories. My apologies for not modeling these myself. I'm sick right now and hardly look the part of the model.

I think I love the styling tips the best though. They send you little cards with the items you bought and how to wear them. This allows me to actually wear the items that they send that might be outside of my comfort zone. Like that cute jacket - I can wear that with heels? This is why I need help!

Should You Try Stitch Fix? 

  • Yes, if you hate to shop or don't have time to shop. 
  • Yes, if you have difficulty figuring out the latest trends and how to wear them. 
  • Yes, if you haven't bought yourself new clothing in the past year (I'm looking at you, fellow moms!) 
  • Yes, if you like a "surprise" gift to yourself every so often. 
  • Yes, if you like to have a style that's a little more unique to you than what you find at chain stores.
  • No, if you are a bargain shopper. There are no clearance sales or coupons here. The only discount is the 25% off if you keep your whole Fix. There is also a referral bonus, but it's hard to predict how many referrals you will have. 
  • No, if you love to shop. If your happy place is the mall, boutiques, or thrift store then continue to enjoy your shopping!

Want to Try It? 
Great! I would love it if you use my Stitch Fix referral link. I get a $25 credit when you get your first fix that way and let me tell you, that is much appreciated help in my tight budget!


  1. What a cool idea! Not something I could indulge in right now, though. :-\

    1. I hear ya. It's an indulgence for me too. But... Mother's Day is only a few months away! :)

  2. Which of the 5 pieces did you keep, Sara? Sounds like a great idea!

    1. I kept them all from this fix Stephanie, they were all great!